About Us

Meet the Directors!

We are French Immersion teachers with a passion for visual and dramatic arts, as well as a love of the French language.  We adore spending our days learning and laughing with children; we can’t imagine a better way to spend our summer!  

A little bit about ourselves...

Josée is native to Québec and always has creative art projects on the go! She has a natural energy and enthusiasm that enables children to take risks and have fun learning drama games & techniques. 

Morgan grew up in the local French Immersion program and truly fell in love with the language when participating in an exchange to France during her high school years. She has experience directing and running a day camp with her sister in their hometown.

Our Vision

At Les Lilas, we believe that children & adults learn and grow well when they feel safe and comfortable. Our priority is to create that safe learning environment and to enable our students to develop and improve their French skills by having fun in a stress-free environment. Our community is a place where we make an effort to speak in French, and where making mistakes is a part of the learning process. We are always open to all levels of French.